Monday, 30 April 2012

FWIW (ICE HOCKEY).. 200.. April 29, 2012

Here in the United States of America .. and I am overly simplifying this .. we have four (4) major professional sports .. American Football .. Baseball .. Basketball .. and lastly .. Ice Hockey .. and they are pretty much in this order ..

In Ice Hockey .. the Premier League is the National Hockey League (The NHL) .. going down one level we have the American Hockey League (The AHL) .. and going down one more level .. we have the ECHL (Formely named the East Coast Hockey League) ..

Here in the State of Alaska .. located in the City of Anchorage .. we have a professional ice hockey team named the ALASKA ACES .. and our ALASKA ACES are members of the ECHL ..

The ECHL has twenty (20) teams located across the United States and is divided into Eastern and Western Conferences .. with each conference having sub-groupings of teams called divisions .. GOOGLE ECHL for a detailed history and statistics of the league ..

Like the NHL and the AHL .. the ECHL plays a full season of games.. during this 2011-2012 season seventy two (72) games per team were played with additional games being played in the playoffs .. following the 72-game season .. the top teams enter the playoffs to determine the eventual champion of the ECHL and the winner is crowned the (Patrick J.) Kelly Cup Champions ..

Our Alaska Aces are in the Finals of the ECHL Western Conference Championship Playoffs .. the winner of the Western Conference Championship will then play the Eastern Conference Champions for the Kelly Cup ..

Today Patti and I attended the third game of the Western Conference Playoffs between our Alaska Aces and the Las Vegas Wranglers .. going into the game .. each team had won one game each in a best of 7 series ..

So here we go with some photos ..

The Alaska Aces play their games here in the City of Anchorage in Sullivan Arena .. it is a beautiful venue with stunning scenery in the near background ..

Now turning clockwise and to my right and looking down the side of the Sullivan Arena you see the below two views ..

I could NOT help but 'zoom in' on the mountains in the background .. I mean HEY .. is this a  beautiful city or what ? !

The Alaska Aces fans have turned out to see their team play tonight ! The parking lot is practically full ..

OK .. the time has come to go inside of the Sullivan Arena and see what the Ice Hockey Playing Surface looks like ..

GAME TIME !  Let's see some Ice Hockey and the Alaska Aces .. our Alaska Aces are wearing the light colored .. blue and white .. jerseys ..

An Ice Hockey Game has three periods .. twenty minutes each .. in between each period the ice is resurfaced by large machines .. named Zambonis after the man who invented them .. Frank Zamboni .. usually only one is used but two were used tonight !

More Ice Hockey ..

Las Vegas led the game 1-0 .. The Aces Tied the game 1-1 .. Las Vegas led 2-1 .. The Aces Tied It 2-2 .. and if you study the below photo very carefully .. you will see the number 4 at the bottom of the score board .. the game went into a fourth .. sudden death .. period called OVERTIME ..

And in sudden death overtime .. the Las Vegas Wranglers (fittingly wearing the BLACK uniforms !) .. broke the hearts of the home town Anchorage Fans with a 3-2 victory about five minutes into the overtime period ..

THANKFULLY .. today .. my 'well being' as a human being .. does NOT depend upon a sporting event's outcome !  .. Patti and I had a lot of fun enjoying the good game that it was .. we visited with six or seven friends who happened to see the two of us .. and all-in-all it was a GREAT EVENING of Ice Hockey ..

And ? .. we have tickets for the game next Tuesday .. May the 1st .. much joy from Patti and from Cap ..


  1. Hey! Cap, thank you for posting your photos, I enjoy all of them, my son, Sunshine loves, the ACE's team, he is a great fan, he listens on radio and would come out tell us play by play, whats' going on, never a dull moment for him. Just wanted to only let you know our excitement,, I would be excited to let him know you and Patti are attending the Kelly Cup play offs exciting, at Sullivan Arena, Aloysius

    1. We MUST all do dinner Aloysius .. so Patti and I can meet your wife and son .. smiles .. Cap ..