Tuesday, 24 July 2012

All just for naught

Cap went to Manley
With cameras galore,
And then he drove north
The land to explore.

He took lots of photos
That he planned to upload,
And so excited was he,
He thought he’d explode.

He loaded up all
He thought he would need,
His laptop and cameras
And a gallon of DEET.

One hundred per cent
It said on the can,
Of DEET, that is,
According to plan.

He also took coils
To burn where he sat,
And Buhach and Ben’s
And a skeeter net hat.

Alas and alack,
It was all just for naught,
He couldn’t log on
To the blog that he sought.

Simultaneously shooting
A spray meant for bear,
He tried and he tried
(but no signal was there).

Mosquitoes so thick
Like a Biblical plague,
So persistent they’d drive
A sane man to rage.

So he left me a message
And his password he gave,
But he never suspected
All the mischief I’d make.


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  2. Words and images beautifully put together! Very nice poem/s. You definitely have a gift of writing.

    Liking it all :) Gbu