Friday, 13 July 2012

Oh, what a foolish Capster you are

Hey, y'all,

It's Cap's former friend Gullible here.  Oh, dahlings, I am having ever so much fun posting notices here on the Cap's blog.

Seriously, dahlings, do you know what's better than having the password to someone else's blog?

That would be having the rightful proprietor of that blog stuck up in Manley Mosquito Springs  where he has no contact with the outside world and can't see what I'm doing to his blog.  He'll have to return to civilization before he can delete all this fun I'm having.

Foolish man gave me his password, asked me to post a simple message letting you know he doesn't have Internet service and can't get e-mails and hasn't forgotten about you.  In other words, he is so totally incommunicado!!!  Well, simple messages like the one he wanted me to post are so boooooooring!

After all, blogs are meant to entertain, aren't they?  So what could be wrong with putting a bit o' verve into his message?    Like, how many times would you come to this blog if all you saw every time was "Cap is in Manley and has no internet service, nor can he receive e-mail."


See what I mean?

Right now, I have no idea when Cap will be back in touch and able to post photos and so on here.  I rather feel like it's my responsibility to keep you up to date on that.   So, here's another photo.

Know what this is?  No, it isn't a 1956 Chevy Bel Air.   Or a 1957 either.  It's a Checker.  That's Checker as in New Yawk City Checker cabs.  Cool huh?

Oh, you want more pix?   Let me take a look.

Now this beauty is a 1942 Ford fire truck.  Retired in favor of a truck with a 12 volt system.

And this?   This beauty is a Lion's Mane jellyfish.  Just too totally much, wouldn't you say?

Well, dahlings, my time is drawing nigh.  The Capster might change his password any time and cut me off from his blog.   HAH!  He has to return to civilation to do that!

Be sure to leave Cap a note telling him you were here.  You do that down there where it says "Comments,"  even if it says "No Comments."

This is Gullible signing off.  Over and out.  Roger.   10-4.  Click, click.

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