Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NOVEMBER 13 .. 2012 ..


As those of you who are following along here may realize .. like all human beings .. we ALL have our ups and we ALL have our downs .. because of my family history of mental illness .. my 'ups' tend to be much HIGHER than normal .. and my 'lows' tend to be much LOWER than normal ..

There is a long-ago popular song titled .. 'When You're Hot You're Hot' ..

Well as that song states .. when I am HOT .. I AM (SMOKIN') HOT .. and when I'm NOT  ..
I'm  home thinking .. 'isolation' IS the answer here ..

One of my recurrent 'negative themes' that run through my brain goes as follows :  NO ONE is reading along here .. NO ONE is interested in my doings .. 

Gullable .. my web mistress just goes .. "Sigh .. look at the numbers .. your site has had OVER TEN THOUSAND 'HITS' ..  SOME ONE IS FOLLOWING ALONG ! .. Sigh " ..

Yesterday on my web site here I penned that I had 'Black Beauty' .. our 1998 GMC Suburban .. at my Chevy Dealers being serviced .. ("What's that GODZILLA" .. "See the sixth paragraph down GODZILLA .. the paragraph just above where I mention you " .. "You're welcome .. I still owe you a long phone call ") ..

Now to ERIK ..

I met ERIK in April of 1999 .. when I took delivery of 'Black Beautys' sibling .. my 1999 Chevrolet Suburban (Mister R. Richardson Richthoffen) .. who is sitting in Manley Hot Springs Alaska in the dark and in the severe Arctic CCCCC-COLD wondering .. "Where has Dad gone off to this time leaving me here .. last time he was gone twenty two (22) months .. sigh !" ..

I'd ordered 'The Baron' (REL's abbreviation for Mister R. Richardson Richthoffen) off the internet in early 1999 .. and I took delivery of him here in Royal Oak, Michigan at the 'family' Chevy Dealer .. my Dad and now myself go back into the 1940's with Matthews-Hargreaves here on 12-mile road ..  they 'prepped' him and as I took delivery ERIK was the employee I dealt with ..

Well it turned out that in a few seconds I learned ERIK's wife is from Owen Sound up in Ontario and so was Harry Lumley (Detroit Red Wings Goal Tender in the 1940's) ..  and my mother was born and raised in Canada .. and ERIK had been to Healy, Alaska for a summer .. and off the two of us went .. MUCH to talk about .. FRIENDS-FOR-LIFE after only one minute ! .. ("Do two ding-a-lings make a bell I ask you all ?") ..

So when I went back yesterday to pickup 'The Baron' after he was serviced .. ERIK popped up and smiling said to me .. "When I read your Blog this morning I SAW you had your truck in being serviced and knew I'd be seeing you Cap ! " ..


( "What's that Gullilble .. 'You Told Me So' .. ")

SMILES .. Cap ..


  1. Gullible's correct. You DO have readers. And we've been going thru the agonies of 'withdrawal' while you were out of internet reach recently.

  2. Yes : you have readers !!! And so, because no more (for the moment !)pictures on your blog, I use the web to see (for exemple) what is a "1998 GMC Suburban". So, it looks confortable.
    Merlin would be happy to see some basket ball match. Hope next year in America !
    Best smiles !!!