Friday, 25 May 2012

FWIW (TEXT).. May 25, 2012

Ah yes .. the eternal question .. "When does life get easy?" .. at age seventy five (75) and counting .. "It ain't happening!" ..

Now let's take one of my closest allies in this life-time .. Jim ..

Jim (aka to you who are following along here as Godzilla or 'Zilla) down in Apple Valley California just sort of 'idly-tripped-over' his suitcase when leaving his hotel room to catch a plane to fly back West to his home a 'month-or-so-ago' .. no big deal you would think ! .. this could happen to each and to all of us .. in going to the door of your hotel room you trip or slip-off-balance because of your own suitcase .. in Jim's case down-he-went .. and he 'hurt' his right shoulder when he landed on the carpeted floor with a THUD ..

You think .. "Well no-big-deal .. I will tough-this-out and all will be well in a day-or-so !" .. not so .. NOT the case at all ..

No Big Deal !? .. Tough-It-Out !? .. Jim had shouler surgery on his right shoulder a week ago .. and has been in agonizing pain since .. he can't get comfortable nor sleep in bed so he has to sit-upright in his front room to sleep in an easy chair .. Jim can grab sleep in two hour bits and pieces .. and his recovery could take months or possibly up-to-a-year for the healing of his repaired 'rotator cuff' and newly re-installed tendon(s) ..

Satchel Paige said it all .. "Don't look back ! .. Something might be gaining on you !" ..

So as Jim well knows .. life is NOT getting easy down his way !

I still plan to fly NORTH-to-ALASKA (this is an 'inside joke') and my home in Manley Hot Springs on Tuesday June the 5th .. Patti will join me on June the 13th staying until after the Fourth of July Holiday ..

Hauling water .. tens of quadrillions of mosquitoes .. an 'out-house' .. no dark nights for sleeping .. not precisely an easy-lifestyle should one care to closely examine it ..

AH but .. almost literally .. the silence can be almost deafening .. unless the neighboring Roadhouse is up-and-running full tilt all night .. it truly IS AN EXPERIENCE in rural Alaska .. and I love it ..

Get well soon Godzilla ! .. we are all praying for you buddy .. Smiles .. Cap ..  

Saturday, 12 May 2012



In the below POST .. FWIW (BICYCLE)..  203.. May 7, 2012 .. I write about .. and I show you .. a number of photos of my bicycle ..

Last Wednesday the 9th of May .. I set out for a serious ride on my bicycle .. as I left Patti's Condo here in Anchorage .. I immediately 'sensed something was wrong' .. and something WAS WRONG .. the rear tire WAS flat .. I was riding on the 'wheel rim' ..

So .. back I went (all of about twenty feet !) and examined the situation .. well the 'flat' rear tire was 'shot' .. it had experienced significant 'dry rot' and was cracked and mis-shapen .. it was out of the wheel rim in fact ..

Upon further inspection .. so too was the front tire 'shot' .. badly dry-rotted and I mean BADLY ..

Into the trunk of Patti's Ford Escort the bicycle went .. and down to our local 'professional' bicycle shop we went ..

In addition to having two completely 'shot' tires (and I assumed inner tubes also) .. the bicycle HAS NO FENDERS .. a bad situation since it rains a lot here in Alaska in the summer .. so in addition to having the tires and inner tubes replaced .. I decided to have new fenders installed .. front and rear .. despite the  fact that I opted NOT to go for a chain guard .. I really wanted a chain guard also ..   

The 'professional' bicycle shop staff said .. "Two New Tires .. Two New Inner Tubes .. Two New Fenders one in the front and one in the rear .. with labor .. will cost you 'about' one hundred and thirty ($130) dollars ..

KNOWING estimates are GUESS-timates .. I mentally priced the package at one hundred fifty ($150) dollars MINIMUM ..

"Without-Passing-Go" I immediately went to our local Wal-Mart Store ..

While in the bicycle section of Wal-Mart .. I noticed a man was examining a SPLENDID new bicycle .. priced at one hundred and one ($101) dollars ..

I expained to him my bicycle 'situation' and for FREE I GAVE HIM my former bicycle  .. he REFUSED TO TAKE IT FREE .. FORCING UPON ME thirty seven ($37) dollars ..

So out of Wal-Mart I came with a 100% BRAND NEW BICYCLE THAT has fenders and a chain-guard and new tires and new everything .. at a bottom-line cost to me of sixty four ($64) dollars .. its cost of $101 less the $37 the man paid me for my former bicycle ..

Isn't she pretty ? ..

You better believe I wear a helmet ..

When out-on-the-road .. I look like the below two photos ..

Serious visibility protection .. head-protection .. eye-protection .. hand-protection .. a nice horn .. my very life depends upon drivers seeing me ..

Quite a bicycle CHANGE from where I was last Monday to where I am today ..  going forward THIS is my bicycle !

Monday, 7 May 2012


You all have to know this fact .. I am LOVING having my two web sites .. this photo web site for all of you who want to look at photos .. Bobba Caps Doxology .. and my text or my writing web site for those of you who would like to READ (reading is becoming a lost art Sports Fans !) some of my thoughts .. Baba Kaps Doxology ..

This web site you are now looking at .. is a GIFT FROM GOOGLE .. and I have 'nicknamed' this GOOGLE web site as my 'blogspot' web site ..

Now let me talk a little bit about my other web site .. Baba Kaps Doxology .. which I have 'nickamed' as my 'dot net' web site ..

"What's that Godzilla?" .. "Yes you have it correct 'Zilla" .. "I have my 'dot net' and I have my 'blogspot' web sites" ..

OK back to my 'dot net' web site ..  Baba Kaps Doxology ..

I have a web master .. Andre .. in the United States of America State named Michigan .. Andre and I have been working together recently getting me  'up-to-speed' in the art and in the science and in the 'voo-doo' and in the awesome skill that it takes for me to post photos on Baba Kaps Doxology .. 

This being said (written) .. I think I can now do both .. put photos and put text up on Baba Kaps Doxology .. 

"What's that 'Zilla'?" .. "So What?" you ask .. "Well 'Zilla .. I don't want YOU or anyone else confused IN CASE I put  the same photos on both web sites" ..

So here we go with sort of a duplicate post .. this one here on 'blogspot' and over there on 'dot net' ..


As those of you who know me on a personal and on an in-your-face basis .. I tend to be a 'physical fitness nut' .. yes still and yes even at the age of 75 years .. I watch .. my health which includes .. my weight .. what I eat .. what I drink (a lot of healthy liquids such as water .. Gataorade .. Ensure mixed with water..) my sleeping pattern from day-to-day .. my overall fitness .. my spiritual life .. my mental health and my mental state-of-being one-day-at-a-time ..

IN ADDITION to WATCHING them  (watching them is an IN-active passtime) .. I ALSO TRY TO DO something about them as well ..

SADLY .. long ago .. I blew up my knees so I can NO LONGER run .. which I loved to do .. so now I BICYCLE all I can .. and I CAN also 'run' on the treadmills when they are available ..

"What's that 'Zilla?" .. "To the point?" ..



Here are some photos .. taken by Patti .. beside Patti's Condominium in Anchorage .. Alaska ..

"And now .. please hand me the envelope .. the SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR QUESTION ? " .. Are YOU Ready ? ..


I am one of two (2) things .. I AM visible and TO BE AVOIDED by others .. OR.. I AM an excellent TARGET for a 'mis-behavin' someone who likes to 'scare' bicyclists (and these folks DO seem to exist !) ..

A little up-close-and-personal .. a nice photo thanks to Patti ..

Hey !  It is two-for-the-price-of-one DAY ! ..


"Does Patti REALLY exist .. and IF Patti really exists .. what does Patti LOOK LIKE up close?" ..

Obviously Patti exists since you have already seen her in FWIW (ANCHORAGE)..  196.. April 17, 2012 .. but those were NOT close-up photos ..  

(It took some 'doing' .. but I 'captured' Patti in a VERY NICE photo or two !)

I will wait awhile for Patti to 'proof read' this post so if she does not want her photo up on the web site .. some of you will have already seen her .. giggle ..

Well there you have it Sports Fans .. Patti just awoke and came out here so I will post this and have her 'proof it' later .. smiles ..

Saturday, 5 May 2012


IT IS ' DERBY DAY ' down in Kentucky ! .. the first Saturday of the month of May .. Patti and I will be 'tuned in' later when some of the finest Race Horses we have RUN FOR THE ROSES .. one of our special SPORTING DAYS here in the United States of America .. THE KENTUCKY DERBY .. WHAT A PHENOMENAL SPECTACLE !


In this post I will continue to 'give you a break' from the photos I have taken South of  the City of Anchorage, Alaska, down ' Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet '  .. here in the United States of America .. and show you several scenes within the City of Anchorage ..  

I have mentioned that our snow is melting rapidly and Spring is coming .. the below photo was taken from Patti's Condominium Window a few days ago.. and you can see .. the snow is RECEDING and grass is now visible .. our daylight now extends well past 10PM in the evening ..

Below are several photos taken WITHIN THE CITY of Anchorage and just show you the SPECTACULAR VIEWS we see just driving here in Anchorage ..

Does anyone (HINT HINT DANNY 48073) see the 'UPS' truck in the below photo .. not a bad job to have in this weather .. but man-alive .. it must be DIFFICULT in the dark and in the cold snow of winter ! !

During our daily 'mundane' driving around Anchorage .. IF you open your eyes ! .. you see INCREDIBLE BEAUTY .. and you tend to block out the traffic and looking past it you see 'only the Mountains' ..

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

MAY 1, 12 .. ALASKA ACES ..

Patti and I just came home from the ALASKA ACES game .. and I had told Patti before the game .. "I really LIKE the ALASKA ACES team jerseys .. and IF I had one .. I would LOVE TO WEAR it ! " .. 

I DO HAVE a Detroit Red Wings (the NHL Ice Hockey Team in Detroit) jersey and I WEAR it a lot .. I also have a Detroit Pistons (the NBA Basketball Team in Detroit) jersey and wear it a lot also .. when I am IN Detroit ..

The rest-of-the-story is this .. these ALASKA ACES team jerseys cost Ninety Five (as in $95.00) Buckaroos each!  So I had told Patti .. "NO way am I going to shell out Ninety Five Dollars for one of them !" ..

As the game was about to start .. Patti had excused herself to go to the restroom .. she came back to our seats WITH A BRAND NEW ALASKA ACES TEAM JERSEY .. as a gift for me ! .. 

Listen up sports fans ..

ONE WHO TAKES AND NEVER GIVES .. MAY LAST FOR YEARS BUT NEVER LIVES .. we all know this selfish person ..

ONE WHO GIVES AND NEVER TAKES .. NEEDS ALL OUR PRAYERS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES .. few of us think about this person who seems unable to accept anything from anyone ..

So .. THRILLED with Patti's gift .. I put it on and wore it for the game .. THANKING PATTI over and over again for the special gift ..


Now I ask you .. isn't it just a  beautiful team jersey !

UNDER the jersey I am wearing a DOWN JACKET to stay warm ..

On the way home .. I snapped a photo or two or three of Anchorage and the PHENOMENAL MOUNTAINS that surround the city ..

OH YES .. the Arctic Summer with its LONG days is roaring in upon us .. these photos were taken about 10:30PM in the late evening ..

These photos are about a quarter-of-a-mile from Patti's condo ..

Photos 4 through 6 above were taken from Merrill Airfield in Anchorage .. I believe there are more small plane take-offs and landings at Merrill Field than at any other single airport in the United States of America .. the State of Alaska is famous for its single engine aircraft population .. be they equipped with 'Tundra Tires' for rough terrain or Skis for snow use or Floats for water use ..  

Maybe I should 'mosey' (amble slowly) back over to Merrill Field and do a photo shoot of Alaska Bush Planes .. over and out .. for now .. smiles from Cap and from Patti ..