Monday, 29 September 2014


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Smiles from Cap and Patti ..

Thursday, 25 September 2014


In my most recent two posts .. I have given you all some idea about football here in the United States of America.  Now it is time to show you a second-look at baseball.   My first look at baseball was in my post dated last July 3, 2014 up in Anchorage Alaska.

Step One was to drive to the ball park.  Comerica Park is the home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team located here in Detroit Michigan.  We got a very good price for parking at $10 U.S. Dollars BECAUSE we parked quite-a-way from the ball park.  Our parking area had a nice security fence around all the parked-vehicles and we say .. 

"Thank you Olympia Entertainment Parking Services for another very nice visit with you and your parking lots!"  We parked with them when we saw the Detroit Lions game last Sunday the 21st of September.

Look straight-up-the road.  In the far distance you can see Ford Field .. the white building where the Detroit Lions play football.  Comerica Park is the reddish building immediately in-front-of Ford Field way out there in the distance.

So we began to walk to Comerica Park. It still looks far-off .. but we are gaining.  The white of Ford Field blends into the sky so it is difficult to see it.

And who exactly are WE?  

Our friend 'Tiger' Tom caught-up-with Patti and I at the Royal Oak library this past Tuesday afternoon the 23rd as Patti and I were using the internet facilities.  It was about 3 o'clock P.M. and Tom said to Patti and I .. 

"Hey! Let's go to the ball game tonight!"  .. 

I said .. "We will pick you up at your house in two hours at 5 o'clock P.M. Tom!"

You have all met 'Tiger' Tom as 'Trucker' Tom back in the Woodward Dream Cruise posts!  Tom wears-many-different-hats!  

As we three strolled to the venue along West Adams Avenue  .. we passed some merriment along the way.

And there-she-is!  Comerica Park .. the home of the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball (MLB) Team!

Now we are at Step two in the process.  The-time-has-come for us to purchase our tickets to the game!  In the below photograph .. along the right edge of the photo .. are the ticket offices.

Below is 'Tiger' Tom .. stepping-up-to-the-plate to get our tickets!  Tom is looking back at me from the ticket window.

Patti was watching and pondering the interesting street scene as Tom purchased our tickets.

A close-up of 'Tiger' Tom at the Ticket Window.

And 'Tiger' Tom hit-a-home-run with our tickets!

Below is a close-up-look at the seating at Comerica Park.  If you look along the right side of the photo .. find Section 215 in the blue-section.  Do you see it?  A triangular shaped section.  We were in Row 5 .. Seats 1, 2 and 3.

Now we walk to the entrance to Comerica Park.

Do I need to warn women and small children NOT to be afraid of the FEARSOME DETROIT TIGER(S) !?  Just look-at-them-all !!

Now we are at the gates to actually enter Comerica Park.

Some happy Tiger Fans dressed in Tiger Orange!

Just before we entered Comerica Park .. I noticed Patti and another gentleman were 'sitting' side-by-side.  The two photos below give you a good idea of the difference between Patti's Transportation-Chair and the real-honest-to-goodness much larger Wheel-Chair the gentleman is sitting in.

We are living in a very comfortable, healthy and accepting atmosphere as to public opinion regarding the handicapped members of our society!

Let-me-tell-you .. Patti's Transportation Chair is MUCH lighter and in-some-ways much easier to wheel-around than a full-sized Wheel Chair.  The much larger wheels of the full sized chair are better when it comes to navigating small holes and crevices in the sidewalks!

I snapped the below two photographs of Comerica Park from the inside of Ford Field when we saw the Detroit Lions play the Green Bay Packers last Sunday the 21st of September.

Now we are inside Comerica Park and see our first views of the playing field.

How can you miss seeing Ford Field .. the home of the Detroit Lions Football Team .. located immediately adjacent to Comerica Park.

And now some photographs of the crowd inside Comerica Park.

A closer-look at the Big Cat Court sign.

Just two-of-MANY locations to purchase souvenirs and food.

All around Comerica Park were areas for families to gather to celebrate being out-at-the-ballgame!

I hope your party was happy and joyous Hilliard!  It sure looked-to-me like everyone was having a good time.

Based upon Patti and I having attended major sporting events throughout the United States .. there is a real sincere effort on the part of stadium managers to make one's visit as pleasant and enjoyable as it can be!


We are now in-our-seats and below are some views of Comerica Park as-we-saw the game.

The LARGE Stadium Television was WONDERFUL !

A late-afternoon view of the Stadium Television.

Above is a late-afternoon view of the Stadium Television bathed in the warm-afterglow of the setting sun.  Below is an after-dark night-time view of it.

When each-and-every batter comes-to-the-plate .. the Stadium Television presented that batters season history as you see below.  Miguel Cabrera is our STAR PLAYER!

Several photographs of the fans and views thereof looking to our left around us.

Do you see 'our' Section 215 sign in the background?

The photo below looks to our right.

If .. in the photo above .. you now turn to your left you see the below view of deep-center-field and of how nice Comerica Park truly is.

Night-time has come to Comerica Park in Detroit Michigan.

The photo below looks-down-upon yet another Food Court!

The time-has-come to show you a few photographs of the actual baseball game in-progress.

In the below photo .. the Chicago White Sox are batting and our Detroit Tigers are out-in-the-field in their white uniforms.

In the below photo our Detroit Tigers are batting and Chicago is out-in-the-field.  You can see one Tiger is batting .. and one Tiger is on first base and a second on second base. 

The two photographs above .. and most of the photographs that follow below .. were taken from our seats in Section 215.  The photo below was taken as I walked around Comerica Park to show you a different view of the playing field.

The below photo looks-down the first-base foul-line going out into right field where I was standing to snap this photo.

From time-to-time .. several times throughout the game between innings .. grounds-keepers come out onto the infield playing surface and carefully 'groom' it.

Time for some more baseball!  

Our Detroit Tigers are beginning a 'rally' .. runners are on first and third bases!

The fans are urged to get loud .. make noise .. and support the Tigers.  The level of noise at Comerica Park is rising!

The bases are now LOADED .. with runners at first and second and third bases!

The crowd is ROARING!! IT IS INTENSE!!

Our star player .. Miguel Cabrera .. batting in the bottom of the ninth inning hits the ball down the left field line safely and the Detroit Tigers WIN THE GAME!


The FINAL SCORE .. Detroit Tigers 4 - 3 Chicago White Sox.

It was a fun game.  The score was tied at 0 - 0 until the 7th inning .. then going into the 9th inning the Tigers were leading 3 - 0 .. but the Chicago White Sox tied the game in the top of the 9th inning and the Tigers pulled it out in the bottom of the 9th inning with Miguel Cabrerra's WALK OFF single to left field.

And so the party-was-over! Below are a few night-scenes outside of Comerica Park that I snapped as we three walked back to our truck.

Careful women and small children .. don't get too close to the Detroit Tiger!!

As I close yet another rather lengthy post of 64 photographs .. I want to thank my web mistress Gullible and our friends Shaddy in Wisconsin and Clement in France for empowering me to have the courage to put up a lot of photographs in one post.  Early-on .. back in year 2011 .. when I was in India .. I used to do only two or three photos per post because I was afraid I would lose a post in its entirety due to power outages in India.  I then tended to carry this over here to the United States.  So thanks to you my mentors!

Smiles from Cap and from Patti ..