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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Here in the United States of America .. like most nations .. we have many sports.  We have amateur (non-paid) and we have professional (PAID) sports.  We have televised and non-televised sports.

In terms of televised professional sports here in the United States .. I will not debate this but perhaps our Number One Most Popular Sport is the National Football League .. or the .. NFL.

I always like to advise my readers in foreign countries to 'Google' .. The National Football League .. then click onto the Wikipedia link.

This past weekend .. beginning last Thursday the 4th of September and continuing through to Monday the 8th of September .. the 2014-2015 season of the NFL began.

IF .. again I will not debate this .. there is a particular 'big day' or a 'prime time' for an NFL game to be televised .. in my opinion .. it is the single game played on either Sunday night or Monday night.  The NFL tends to schedule games in these two 'time slots' that will draw a large television viewer audience.

There are thirty (32) two teams in the NFL.  Thus ONLY four teams will be scheduled to play on the Sunday and Monday night time slots.

To fans and players alike .. it is a bit of a 'Big Deal' to be viewing or to be playing in a game on either Sunday Night or Monday Night.

In general .. a team will be scheduled for these two premier 'time slots' only once or twice a season .. and then only the best teams are selected.


As to why .. on God's green earth .. our Detroit Lions were selected for the season opening MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game!  I love the Lions BUT .. 

When I heard 'The Lions' were going to play in the season opening Monday Night Football Game .. I said to Patti .. "Let's go to the game!"

Step One .. (No! NOT THAT Step One!) .. To get into the game you must have a ticket.  So 'on-line' I went and bought two tickets on the after-market because the game was sold-out (meaning that NO tickets were available from the official Detroit Lions Ticket Office). 

Then you must drive to the venue (the location) of the game and find a place-to-park.  

OF ALL THINGS .. the Detroit Lions Football Team and the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team were scheduled to .. and in fact DID .. play games at overlapping times.  So parking for an estimated one-hundred-thousand (100,000) sports fans was .. shall we say .. 

A CHALLENGE because the stadiums for each team are NEXT TO ONE ANOTHER and the two teams thus SHARE the same parking facilities.
Well Patti and I 'lucked out' and got a place to park about one-mile from the stadium and ONLY had to pay FORTY ($40) U.S. Dollars.

We parked in-a-field .. the man who we paid almost .. not quite .. but almost laughed-in-my-face when I asked him if he had a receipt for my $40 parking fee.  Earlier Patti and I tried to park in another field and a local .. uniformed Detroit Police Office told us .. "N-n-n-n-n-n-n .. NO! You don't want to park here!"  We took-his-advice.  Sissy because you wanted to see your truck again!! 

The white colored building in-the-distance is FORD FIELD.

'Zilla .. in the foreground below do you see the red pick-up truck and the white panel truck behind it?  FORD FIELD is the white building above the white panel truck.  Got it? Good! 

We hiked a bit and could see FORD FIELD had moved a tad closer.

Last August .. when we arrived here .. Patti and I purchased a wonderful 'Transportation Chair' .. WHAT A POSITIVE PURCHASE THAT WAS!

Here she is!

This beauty is very light-in-weight and folds up so nicely!

WIN - WIN !! Patti gets-to-ride .. Cap gets wonderful EXERCISE !!

I had 'scouted-out' a NIFTY sounding restaurant fairly close to FORD FIELD before we left home and VOILA !  'Small Plates' was THE BEST ..

Both of us were really happy with 'Small Plates' .. a cute venue!

"Yes Gullible?" .. "Photos of the food Gullible?" .. "Where are the photos of the food you ask?" .. "I just now thought .. I forgot to photograph the small plates of food! "

Are we having some fun here ?  I am ! On to FORD FIELD we go rolling Patti and I !

Below are two photos of COMERICA PARK ..

COMERICA PARK is where the Detroit Tigers play baseball and it is beside FORD FIELD ..

Towards the right side of the below photo can you see a red-street-light on a tall light-pole with people walking across the street beside it?  Now look up and past COMERICA PARK .. on the other side is FORD FIELD where we are heading.

"OK 'Zilla! Dead Center! See FORD?"

Let the Party begin!

"Whats that 'Zilla?"

"Yes! The Lions Team Color IS BLUE!  Actually SILVER and BLUE.

As you look at the photos .. it sounds QUIET.  In real life .. at-the-party .. there was music and some carrying-on sounds!

Was it Rocking Captain?  Yes! It was ROCKING!

Oh Yes!  We are getting closer .. ever closer ..


Oh my goodness!  As Patti and I worked-our-way through the crowd .. Patti riding and me pushing her 'transportation chair' .. you could see and you could hear and you could FEEL the rising excitement building all around us!


Patti and I have been to a lot of major sports venues!  The Super Dome in New Orleans.  Cowboy Stadium in Dallas.  San Antonio (basketball) home of the Spurs.  The Palace of Auburn Hills (the Detroit Pistons). The Joe (Detroit Red Wings ice hockey). 


In each and in every-single-venue .. we have been treated magnificently!! 

As we were being engulfed by the massive crowd pushing its way into FORD FIELD .. from out-of-nowhere came a stadium employee and he-took-charge!  This gentleman looked like a former Detroit Lions lineman!  

Make-way-please! .. Coming-through! .. and Patti and I were led to a special VIP entrance where we went straight in with no pushing nor shoving what-so-ever.

Then we were INSIDE!



The pre-game activities.

Below in the white uniforms .. the United States Naval Academy choir singing!

Looking from our seats to our left at the super expensive luxury suites.

And looking to our right at the other side of the playing field.

Sometimes .. from time-to-time it happens .. Ol' Bobba Caps lucks-out. And I lucked-out picking the seats for the game from the internet.

Looking down-our-row of seats in Section 319.  Do you see Patti?

Do you all see that we were ELEVATED UP ABOVE and separated by a walkway from the next tier of seating below us?  I HAD NO IDEA we would be so elevated when I purchased the seats!

In the below photo you can REALLY see what I am talking about!  We sat in the row of seats UP and to the left side of the photo.  The number 219 is for the section in front of and below us.

A look down at the seating below us.  A SEA OF BLUE!

More BLUE behind us!

The New York Football Giants vs the Detroit Lions.

Our National Anthem and Flag Ceremony!


If you look closely at the photo below you can see the moving trolley that carries two-tiers of cameramen shooting close-up scenes of the game from the side lines.  This trolley moved up and down the sidelines throughout the game!  The top cameraman was really up-high-in-the-air!

Patti and I absolutely LOVED OUR SEATS and the view of the game there from!  I believe that all-but-one scoring play took place at our-end-of-the-field!

At the very top of the below photo .. and in the photo above looking at the Lions insignia on the field .. you can see the floating overhead camera that moves up and down the field shooting overhead televison shots of the game below.



And?  And?  AND? 

Patti and I have purchased tickets to see the Detroit Lions Football Team play Lon and Shaddy's Green Bay Packers on Sunday September 21st!

With Much Joy .. We hope you all enjoyed this Post ..

Cap and Patti ..      

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


The time has come .. the Walrus said .. to talk of many things .. Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax .. Of cabbages and of kings .. And why the sea is boiling hot .. And whether pigs have wings !!

Lewis Carroll .. Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There .. year 1872 ..

Will this be Part III of III Parts of the WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE .. or will it be Part III of IV Parts .. let's all-of-us stay-tuned here to find out.

You have to realize .. people visit a web-site and leave and may have only one view of one Post .. so I will repeat just briefly what this Post is about.

This is Post III in a series of Posts about the WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE.  For the other two Posts just scroll down and there-you-will-find-them.

WOODWARD AVENUE runs basically due North and it is one of several major roads that originate in downtown Detroit Michigan.  The WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE is an automotive event that began in August of 1995 and celebrated its 20th anniversary this summer.  The DREAM CRUISE (this is how it is referred to locally) takes place on the third Saturday of August.

So here we go .. bare-footed and ready to show you more photographs of the largest one-day automotive event here in the United States of America.

Let's begin with some .. NON-conventional vehicles.

The below photo is the ultimate Monster Vehicle. Do you see Patti 'gazing-up' at it? 

Patti is thinking .. "Um-m-m-m! What on earth is this THING!" 

Patti .. "It is called a MONSTER TRUCK."

Below we have .. shall I say .. some 'Want-To-Be' monster vehicles ..

'Want-To-Be' or not .. it IS larger than normal isn't it ?

I mean .. I mean .. I MEAN ! Really !

Notice .. on the extreme right edge of the above photograph .. the Ford Mustang .. there were others in the cruise ..

Well Hello Little Guy!  You and the MONSTERS!


Sort of 'Silly' huh ?

Huh ?  You and the MONSTERS !

You basically have NO IDEA of what might be coming your way as the cruise traffic heads North up Woodward Avenue!

The traffic heading East and West on 12-Mile Road (in the background) stops at the traffic light.

In the above photo .. if you turn around you have .. at 12-Mile and Woodward Avenue .. our favorite IHOP.

Look at the people and look at the traffic working its way North up Woodward Avenue.

Something pretty 'conventional' .. a muscle-car ..

A very 'Nifty' Old Woody ?

An elderly FIRE TRUCK ..

OR just a neat older truck ..

Maybe just an older BUS (Oops .. Motor Home) ..

Or YES .. a beautifully restored elderly motor home!  I mean to tell you all .. many of the owners were really pleased when I would snap a photograph of their-TREASURED vehicle.  Can you see the gentleman giving me a wave-of-his-hand with the Thumbs-Up sign?!

I get a tad teary-eyed as I think of all of the GOOD-VIBES at the DREAM CRUISE!

I caught two special vehicles in the below photo .. a late 50s early 60s white Corvette in the foreground and look at the beauty in the background on the left side of the below photo.  Would it be an elderly group-touring-vehicle?  Who is elderly .. the vehicle or the passengers ? ..  giggle .. giggle ..

And how-about this elderly .. military .. Six-By ? Many also call them a 'Deuce-And-A-Half ' .. 

IF you want a gigantic 'Military Thing' .. catch the below vehicle that was calmly parked-on-our-street a few houses up from our home.  I have NO CLUE as to what-to-call him!

Nor have I a clue as to who owns him and why he was parked here on our street.  Later I saw him out-amongst-the-others in the CRUISE !

Oh Yes My Friend .. YOU do qualify as a military-type vehicle You Humm-Veee!

Well you ARE cute!

What did you say Mister AMTRAK Engine?

"Dad? IF I could only get-off-these-tracks I would LOVE to cruise the WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE!"

How neat is this 'Limo' !

And this 'Limo' ..

And .. what exactly .. are you My Man !  A Radical Street Rod?

Sweet!  Are We Having Fun Here?  OH YES !

Below we have a REAL DETROIT-LIONS FOOTBALL-TEAM FAN. Please notice that his rear trunk lid is open.

Yes Captain? So what's the Big Deal Here Captain?

As he rolled slowly by .. I dashed out-into-the-CRUISE and snapped the below photograph. In his trunk was his very-own Detroit-Lions Football-Field complete with autographs!

Are you getting IT? This is some special event!!

Everyone seems to be having FUN!!

Like I wrote above .. everyone seemed to LOVE having me take a photograph of THEIR VERY OWN SPECIAL AND UNIQUE TO THEM VEHICLE !!

NOT a Bentley .. oh NO .. a real-honest-to-goodness 'ROLLS' ..

Just mellow!  Just so-proud!  Each and Everyone!

How can you NOT be deeply touched by all of this?

A real Street-Rod with a School Bus (absolutely LOADED with fans!) in the background out CRUISING with the rest!

As you can see from the 'blurred' photo below .. from time-to-time the vehicles would pick-up-the-pace and motor past somewhat rapidly.

And YES!  While the 'scene' is unfolding out on Woodward Avenue .. MANY of the cars are cruising local streets and parking while their owners visit and eat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now I will show you all some photographs taken with the vehicles sitting still and standing-on-display in Memorial Park here in Royal Oak Michigan near 13-Mile Road and Woodward Avenue.

I did not shoot many photographs of all of the many concessions along the DREAM CRUISE route.  Below are photos of just one such assembly of you-name-it and it-will-be-here concession stands.

And it was interesting to note that the vehicles supporting all of the many concessions were .. themselves .. pretty snappy in their own appearance !

Have I mentioned that .. in some of the venues .. in the background .. there was MUSIC by WOMC at 104.3 on your FM dial!

Cars .. Trucks .. Did you say you want some photographs of them?

My Friends! I did not so much as scratch-the-surface of this event with my few photographs!

And how about this six-door beauty!

Ah-h-h-h .. you-name-it .. and IT might have been here !!

An elderly Milk Delivery Truck ..

Special Lady with your Pink Beauty .. I will close out the park section of this post with you!

Atta Girl !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now let's leave the park and get back into our GMC Suburban who we call our 'Black Beauty' and do some real cruising out among them all.

Here we go .. out among them all .. cruising with the cruisers!!

Tom was driving .. Patti was in the front passenger seat and I was in the back seat .. jumping from the right side to the left side of the truck and back again and again and again! 

Above looking out the right side .. Below out the left side ..

A vintage Police Car ..

A police car had someone pulled over in the median strip .. there was a real no-nonsense feel to the DREAM CRUISE .. the organizers want it to be a real family affair!

I got one .. and I got only one .. shot at the below automobile.  I had hoped it was going to join us on the road .. it didn't .. what on earth is it I wonder?

A vintage sidecar motorcycle .. I have owned two of them!


WELL .. he did give me a good .. Thumbs-Up !!

The crowds just went on-and-on-and-on ..

You can't help but notice the traffic!  In front and in back!

Too Too Too NICE ..

Do you want people?  How about elbow-to-elbow people .. for miles and miles ..


Immaculate .. just 'Sano' !

Yes .. A Ferrari .. moving along quickly too .. SHADDY .. is that your BOSS 302 in the right background ? 

The Ferrari calls to our attention our Chevrolet Corvettes!

And here you all thought I was kidding when I said .. you-want-it .. you got IT!  This friend of Jesus was moving-right-along .. note the blur of his front-end! YES! The 'spirit' was moving within him!

And then ?



Well we are going to call this a wrap .. Part III of III Parts it will be in this the final analysis !!

This was by no means one man (myself) doing this alone !

Without the support of both Patti ..

 And the support of Tom .. I could NOT have done this !

Smiles .. Cap .. Patti .. Tom !!