Tuesday, 19 August 2014


IF .. and I wonder .. BUT IF any of you are interested .. I added to my post of yesterday regarding Mister B's Pub here in Royal Oak Michigan ..

I added two photos of our friend Gord(y) ..

And I added photo(s) of Mister B's Mexican Pizza .. THANK YOU Julie of Mister B's who told us it was a Mexican Pizza and NOT Nachos !

And here are the Nachos !  Again .. Thank You Julie !

And a Chicken Wrap ..

There you-have-it .. Smiles .. Cap ..

And Patti ..

And .. Shaddy ! I actually got up .. walked over to this lady .. and asked her IF she had a sister up in Wisconsin ..

More Smiles and Just A Little Mischief from Cap .. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

AUG 18, 14 .. ROYAL OAK .. MICHIGAN .. MR. B's ..

MISTER B's PUB .. is located in the heart of downtown ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN.

Mister B's is one of our most favorite places to dine and to relax.

Mister B's Pub is what .. we here in the United States .. call a 'local watering-hole'.  Mister B's Pub serves food and drinks .. alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Mister B's Pub is also a SPORTS BAR .. with numerous overhead television sets tuned to different sports channels for all of the customers to view.  Patti and I  both LOVE to follow our sporting events!

O.K. let's all of us go outside and check out the exterior of Mister B's!

To say that Patti and I both love Mister B's is one great understatement.  The two of us enjoy sitting outside under an overhead-awning just watching the world in Royal Oak Michigan slowly pass-by on the sidewalk.  OH YES we also sit inside as well.

Here we go with more photographs of Mister B's.

Note if you will .. the outside seating on the sidewalk that is available.  We really love to sit outside!

Shaddy and Lon .. Karolynn and Dave .. Joe and Cheryl .. we both think that you would LOVE Mister B's .. of course this is just a wild-hunch mind you!

"Captain and Patti .. 90% of all of your friends worldwide would probably love Mister B's!"

Do any of you recognize the lady with the dark sunglasses looking back at me as I snap the below photographs?

A nice photo of Patti without her sunglasses!

And then we have THE FOOD at Mister B's!
Patti and I both love the Cobb Salads!

Patti and I both love the CLUB sandwiches.

Patti and I both love the Mexican Pizza!

Below is a photo of our buddy 'Detroit-Tiger' Tom (wearing a Detroit Red Wings T-shirt) happily assisting Patti and I to munch Mister B's Mexican Pizza!

Patti and I both love Mister B's Nachos!

Patti and I both love Mister B's 'Chicken Wrap'!

And we were in luck with our buddy Gord(y) to help us eat the Nachos and the Chicken Wrap!

Starting with THE MAN (the manager) and working down his staff .. each and every-single wait-person .. that have served us at Mister B's .. is TOPS.

Today Lauren shyly asked me ..

 "Why are you photographing your food?"

"I have several web-sites and LOVE to share my happy experiences with friends world-wide Lauren."

Like I do world-wide .. I love to photograph my servers!  After I snapped the above photos .. and showed them to her .. I asked Lauren .. "Should I use your name?" .. she said "CERTAINLY!" ..  

Then I asked her .. "Can I photograph the 'ink' on your neck Lauren?" .. she said .. "CERTAINLY!" ..


Seeing her 'ink' in my photographs she squeeled! .. "It looks really nice doesn't it?" .. "Yes it does look great." .. when she carefully explained to Patti and myself the meaning of the various colored stars .. I thought of 'our' Erin and of the meaning of Erin's 'ink'. 

YES!  Happy you asked me 'Zilla!  There is also 'other entertainment' at Mister B's for us to enjoy!  Every Wednesday and every Thursday evening is 'motorcycle-night' at Mister B's!  Ah yes 'Zilla! How could we ever forget all of our years riding BMW motorcycles all over Europe!

 "What's that 'Zilla? OUR BMWs did NOT look like these motorcycles! 'Zilla you are keeping-up my friend!"

"What's that Oh God Of Abraham?  A little 'plug' for your son!" ..

"What's that Raj over in India? You like it!" ..

"What's that Gullible? Cool-it on the God-stuff Cap!"









I have about three (300) hundred photos of THE DREAM CRUISE up and back down Woodward Avenue here in the greater Detroit Michigan area!

What to do with some three (300) photographs Shaddy and Gullible?

To do THE DREAM CRUISE justice .. one MUST photograph the (up to ) one million people who come from all over the world to watch the cars and to simply attend this monumental event!

Patti and I were front-and-center for one of the biggest automotive events of the year in the entire United States of America!


Shaddy and Gullible .. Did I hear you say .. "Captain PUBLISH THEM!"

Over and Out for now .. with a deep breath .. I shall begin the undertaking of posting the DREAM CRUISE.

Smiles and Love from Cap and from Patti ..