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In the below POST .. FWIW (BICYCLE)..  203.. May 7, 2012 .. I write about .. and I show you .. a number of photos of my bicycle ..

Last Wednesday the 9th of May .. I set out for a serious ride on my bicycle .. as I left Patti's Condo here in Anchorage .. I immediately 'sensed something was wrong' .. and something WAS WRONG .. the rear tire WAS flat .. I was riding on the 'wheel rim' ..

So .. back I went (all of about twenty feet !) and examined the situation .. well the 'flat' rear tire was 'shot' .. it had experienced significant 'dry rot' and was cracked and mis-shapen .. it was out of the wheel rim in fact ..

Upon further inspection .. so too was the front tire 'shot' .. badly dry-rotted and I mean BADLY ..

Into the trunk of Patti's Ford Escort the bicycle went .. and down to our local 'professional' bicycle shop we went ..

In addition to having two completely 'shot' tires (and I assumed inner tubes also) .. the bicycle HAS NO FENDERS .. a bad situation since it rains a lot here in Alaska in the summer .. so in addition to having the tires and inner tubes replaced .. I decided to have new fenders installed .. front and rear .. despite the  fact that I opted NOT to go for a chain guard .. I really wanted a chain guard also ..   

The 'professional' bicycle shop staff said .. "Two New Tires .. Two New Inner Tubes .. Two New Fenders one in the front and one in the rear .. with labor .. will cost you 'about' one hundred and thirty ($130) dollars ..

KNOWING estimates are GUESS-timates .. I mentally priced the package at one hundred fifty ($150) dollars MINIMUM ..

"Without-Passing-Go" I immediately went to our local Wal-Mart Store ..

While in the bicycle section of Wal-Mart .. I noticed a man was examining a SPLENDID new bicycle .. priced at one hundred and one ($101) dollars ..

I expained to him my bicycle 'situation' and for FREE I GAVE HIM my former bicycle  .. he REFUSED TO TAKE IT FREE .. FORCING UPON ME thirty seven ($37) dollars ..

So out of Wal-Mart I came with a 100% BRAND NEW BICYCLE THAT has fenders and a chain-guard and new tires and new everything .. at a bottom-line cost to me of sixty four ($64) dollars .. its cost of $101 less the $37 the man paid me for my former bicycle ..

Isn't she pretty ? ..

You better believe I wear a helmet ..

When out-on-the-road .. I look like the below two photos ..

Serious visibility protection .. head-protection .. eye-protection .. hand-protection .. a nice horn .. my very life depends upon drivers seeing me ..

Quite a bicycle CHANGE from where I was last Monday to where I am today ..  going forward THIS is my bicycle !

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  1. Did Patti get a new bike, too? Seems like that would be good low impact exercise for her.