Wednesday, 2 May 2012

MAY 1, 12 .. ALASKA ACES ..

Patti and I just came home from the ALASKA ACES game .. and I had told Patti before the game .. "I really LIKE the ALASKA ACES team jerseys .. and IF I had one .. I would LOVE TO WEAR it ! " .. 

I DO HAVE a Detroit Red Wings (the NHL Ice Hockey Team in Detroit) jersey and I WEAR it a lot .. I also have a Detroit Pistons (the NBA Basketball Team in Detroit) jersey and wear it a lot also .. when I am IN Detroit ..

The rest-of-the-story is this .. these ALASKA ACES team jerseys cost Ninety Five (as in $95.00) Buckaroos each!  So I had told Patti .. "NO way am I going to shell out Ninety Five Dollars for one of them !" ..

As the game was about to start .. Patti had excused herself to go to the restroom .. she came back to our seats WITH A BRAND NEW ALASKA ACES TEAM JERSEY .. as a gift for me ! .. 

Listen up sports fans ..

ONE WHO TAKES AND NEVER GIVES .. MAY LAST FOR YEARS BUT NEVER LIVES .. we all know this selfish person ..

ONE WHO GIVES AND NEVER TAKES .. NEEDS ALL OUR PRAYERS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES .. few of us think about this person who seems unable to accept anything from anyone ..

So .. THRILLED with Patti's gift .. I put it on and wore it for the game .. THANKING PATTI over and over again for the special gift ..


Now I ask you .. isn't it just a  beautiful team jersey !

UNDER the jersey I am wearing a DOWN JACKET to stay warm ..

On the way home .. I snapped a photo or two or three of Anchorage and the PHENOMENAL MOUNTAINS that surround the city ..

OH YES .. the Arctic Summer with its LONG days is roaring in upon us .. these photos were taken about 10:30PM in the late evening ..

These photos are about a quarter-of-a-mile from Patti's condo ..

Photos 4 through 6 above were taken from Merrill Airfield in Anchorage .. I believe there are more small plane take-offs and landings at Merrill Field than at any other single airport in the United States of America .. the State of Alaska is famous for its single engine aircraft population .. be they equipped with 'Tundra Tires' for rough terrain or Skis for snow use or Floats for water use ..  

Maybe I should 'mosey' (amble slowly) back over to Merrill Field and do a photo shoot of Alaska Bush Planes .. over and out .. for now .. smiles from Cap and from Patti .. 


  1. I, too, have always loved their jerseys, even though I'm not a hockey aficianado. Someone did a good job with the colors and design.

    1. Hi Jeanne .. I am still working on this post .. cleaning it up .. MUCH JOY .. Cap and Patti ..