Thursday, 4 October 2012


One of my most important life mentors are the following words .. said slowly ..

I am only one .. but still .. I AM ONE ..

I cannot do everything .. but still .. I CAN DO SOMETHING ..

And because I cannot do everything ..


   written by Edward Everett Hale ..

My 'writing rhythm' has been totally destroyed because .. in Manley Hot Springs .. out in the rural interior of the State of Alaska .. North and West of Fairbanks Alaska .. I simply can NOT get reliable internet access .. from time to time .. once in awhile .. I MOST DEFINITELY CAN GET INTERNET ACCESS .. to do  this I must go about two (2) miles and then my access 'comes and goes' in from two to five minute intervals .. so it becomes impossible for me to do any writing because I will constantly be 'dropped' and thus can NOT get a good rhythm for writing established ..

THEN coming into Fairbanks .. I am so  busy I simply do not have the time nor the energy to get 'on-line' and write a post as I am now doing .. AND I SEEM UNABLE TO RECOVER FROM THE DRATTED CAMERA ISSUE THAT DESCENDED UPON ME SOME MONTHS AGO .. when my little Nikon Coolpix S4100 stopped working .. and to date (no matter that Nikon serviced it and Nikon said "Now it works again" ) .. it still is not working BUT I HAVE PURCHASED TWO (2) new Nikon Coolpix cameras (one a S3300 and the other a S4300 .. which itself failed to work right out of the brand new box and had to be sent to Nikon for repair ..) .. so I am 'totally stuck' with regards to photographs being posted here ..

So here I sit able to get this far thanks to Edward Everett Hale .. (what's that Godzilla .. please read above Godzilla .. joy to Kleiner Bear .. ) ..

TOO MUCH RECENT HISTORY TO GO INTO .. right now .. this instant .. I plan today to drive back to Manley Hot Springs .. on Tuesday November the 6th .. I plan to vote in Manley Hot Springs .. then get into Fairbanks .. catch a flight to Anchorage at 5:15PM .. on Thursday November the 8th .. Patti and I plan to fly to Chicago Illinois .. then on Friday November the 9th take the Amtrak Train to Detroit Michigan and to Royal Oak Michigan a northern suburb of Detroit ..

THEN ? .. well I had planned to go back to India this December 17th 2012 .. TAKING with me Patti and my webmaster Gullible and perhaps Patti's niece .. AND ? .. things went to 'hell in a handbasket' in the world scene and that plan had to be totally scrapped .. Bobba and three female companions can NOT move quickly should we face some difficulties on the streets of India .. AND ? .. Patti has been visited with some personal .. medical .. challenges ..  read the BIG 'C' ..

So we .. Patti and I .. will go to Royal Oak .. and 'settle in' .. 'wiggle down' .. purchase cable televison .. and see what developments arise .. we very well may do some travelling .. weather permitting .. we just don't know .. there is a lot 'between these lines' I am NOT going into here .. 

When things 'shake out' we will see what we see ..

'Seattle Greg' .. who I met IN India on December 27th .. 1990 .. over twenty one years ago .. was up for a visit following the visit with my son David .. so I have been pretty busy ..

Personally I (1) want to return to India again and (2) I plan to do so .. BUT .. I have no clue as to when and IF it will happen ..

I hit 'control' by accident .. totally lost this entire writing .. BUT .. THANKS TO GOOGLE AND BLOGSPOT .. it was all being 'saved each and every key stroke' and I got it all back ..

Lastly .. I have been descended upon by the feeling of .. "Who cares one whit about my writing" .. NO I AM NOT DEPRESSED ..

Well .. thanks to Edward Everett Hale .. and thanks to Billie and her Backpackers Hostel here in Fairbanks (read her computer) .. I have gotten these words penned .. so now will travel to Manley Hot Springs .. and I will surface again in mid-November when settled in Royal Oak ..
in the Southeast corner of the State of Michigan .. in the United States of America ..

Keep Patti 'in your prayers' .. it looks exceptionally good thanks to radically early detection ..

With Love .. Bobba and the Bobbseys ..  



  1. Lastly .. I have been descended upon by the feeling of .. "Who cares one whit about my writing" .. NO I AM NOT DEPRESSED ..

    At the top of your page, is a number: 9544

    That number indicates how many times your blog has been visited.

  2. Cap, you can do your writing on your laptop in the comfort of your cabin and then copy and paste it to your blog when you do have internet access. That takes only a half minute, and you do not chance losing the writing. You can do this when you travel, too, if you have your laptop with you. Copy to a memory device (a thumb drive or SD card) and then paste the writing to your blog from an internet cafe computer. No losing the entire thing that way because you are online such a short period.

  3. Welcome sir back to India...hope you will have time to see us this time, whenever that happen. You have good suggestion from Gullible for your future blog posts.