Sunday, 25 November 2012


IF .. any of you want to visit an INCREDIBLE WEBSITE .. please go to my Blogspot  webmaster’s  website which you will find at ..

Patti and I come to New Orleans .. GULLIBLE GOES TO ANTARCTICA !

BTW (By The Way) Gullible .. when Patti and I were in Cincinnati .. Chad sat down with me .. and showed me .. in person .. so I could write notes .. exactly how to ..

Write a word document .. name and save it .. open up on my website a new post there and then minimize it .. go back to my word document .. copy  my word document (highlight it and then copy it) .. go back to my website .. left  click  on an open area .. and then  paste (right click) my word document into my website ..

ALL OF YOU .. WELL 90% of you .. know how to do this .. and ALL OF YOU .. commencing with Andre my other webmaster and Gullible and EVEN GODZILLA who himself knows this process .. have been telling me .. “Cap this is the way to go !” ..

And now .. THANKS TO CHAD who showed me a bunch of other things .. such as how to make individual words much larger than the rest so they will REALLY STAND OUT like this .. 
Now I can write a word document and then get it to this website with a copy and paste technique ..
So .. now I will .. write a word document and then copy and  paste and post it here making this short writing ..

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  1. OH, GAWD, CHAD!!! You must have the patience of a saint to show him tricks. Please, only show him how to paste a document into his blog.