Friday, 30 November 2012

NOV 30, 12 .. WE .. ARE .. IN .. DALLAS .. TEXAS ..

Patti and I are now in Dallas, Texas .. we made it to the BIG ‘D’ .. we are heah !

“What’s that ‘Zilla ?” .. “This is a program of honesty you say !” .. “Well you are absolutely 100% correct ‘Zilla .. technically we are in Arlington, Texas, much closer to Fort Worth than to Dallas .. but the world is more familiar with Dallas than with Arlington or Fort Worth .. so Dallas it will be !”

Where was I ?

 Your two Road Warriors are tired .. we drove 462-miles by Map Quest mileage from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas .. but had to tack-on about 30 more miles  .. because at 12:30 AM this morning .. and I was tired let-me-tell-you .. we got to the wrong Motel 6 / Studio 6 location here in the Arlington / Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area ..

Our Motel 6 / Studio 6 suite of three rooms is really something .. full kitchen with a living room .. separate bedroom with two queen sized beds .. and bathroom .. with phenomenal ‘grounds’ surrounding the venue .. all rooms are ‘interior’ rooms .. very nice ‘appointments’  inside with a neat ‘gazebo’ in the lawn and garden area located in the center of the facility ..

We turned our light off to sleep at 1:58 AM this morning .. and at 5 AM we got an unsolicited and an unwanted ‘phone call’ .. no one on the other end of the line .. our room phone is still ‘unplugged’ but we survived that incident .. and both of us immediately went back to sleep ..

Yesterday .. as we had planned to do .. we did indeed see Louisiana  State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana .. LSU is something really special to visit .. a really nice campus .. I forgot to mention that on the way South from Cincinnati to New Orleans .. we visited the University of Alabama .. another very impressive university !

We then visited the city of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, as we headed West from Baton Rouge on Interstate Highway Number 10 ..  eating lunch in Breaux Bridge .. I plan to do a short writing just on Breaux Bridge later .. and it is Breaux (with an ‘R’  NOT Beaux as you would correctly think it should be you French speaking folks .. (Hi Clement and Family in France !) ..

Six-miles West of Breaux Bridge is the city of Lafayette, Louisiana .. there we visited the St. John’s Cathedral Live Oak Tree .. an Oak Tree with a 9-foot-diameter trunk (28-foot circumference) standing 126-feet-tall .. its average spread is 138-feet .. the tree  is estimated to be in the vicinity of 500-years-old ! ..

In Lafayette they have a Live Oak Society that is limited to Live Oaks that are more than 100 years old… with annual dues of 25 acorns!  This almost 500-year-old fellow had support poles under several of its expansive limbs and several large, extended limbs that touched and spread across the ground.  One of its enormous limbs has been estimated to weigh 72-tons .. It looked like it could tell some interesting stories…

I then hopped in the back of our Suburban and slept solidly  for three hours while Patti drove Northwest on I-49 into the evening  from Lafayette to Shreveport, Louisiana .. I then drove West in the very dark of night on I-20 for  four hours to Dallas / Fort Worth Arlington .. Patti slept on this leg of the journey .. what a gift it is having a real .. full length bed .. in the back of our truck ..

Today we visited the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium and we are all set on how and where to park and enter the stadium this Sunday to see the Dallas Cowboys Football Team play the Philadelphia Eagles .. on Sunday Night Football on NBC ..

We then shopped at a local Wal-Mart and a Costco Warehouse and came back to our suite here at Studio 6 ..  I  promptly slept another few hours .. we cooked dinner .. and I am ready to again crash ..

Smiles from Cap and from Patti ..

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  1. Lots of travelings......Peace and grace to you.