Friday, 10 August 2012

AUG 10, 12 .. In Public? BY Gullible ..

I received a note from Cap, who--as you should by now--is stranded in Manley Hot Springs, also known as the mosquito capital of the world, and has won gold medals for such in many consecutive years.  In fact, the mosquitoes are so thick that Internet Magic cannot penetrate and Cap cannot stay online long enough to leave you a message here, so he has asked me to let you know about his tekkie woes.

Anyway, the note thanked me profusely, in capital letters and multi-colored inks, for doing so.  Then, he said he considers me his Webmaster and graciously offered to allow me to sign my posts on this blog as such.


Does he really think I'm going to take blame publicly for all the nonsense I've perpetrated on his blog?  I think he's been bitten by mosquitoes too many times.