Saturday, 15 September 2012


On Friday the 31st of August .. I met my son David at the Fairbanks Alaska USA International Airport .. another miracle .. I had left Manley Hot Springs about 5:15 PM to make the approximate four (4) hour drive of one hundred sixty miles into Fairbanks .. not only did I manage to be on-time and waiting at the airport when David arrived at 10:40 PM .. but I had gone to Lowe's and returned several items en route ..

And so it began .. after a FULL DAY AND ONE HALF of 'combat shopping' in Fairbanks with David .. on Sunday the 2nd of September .. we made a run up to the Arctic Circle with an overnight stay at the Yukon River .. then into Manley Hot Springs on Monday for a full week of projects on my cabin .. pick a number .. about three hundred miles of driving in a variety of weather .. rain and mud and sun and brilliant autumn colors ..

Then on Sunday the 9th of September .. another miracle .. we stopped our work on my endless list of projects to be done at my cabin .. and headed to Anchorage driving South on Alaska's Parks Highway .. to hook up with Patti .. with stops en route spending the night Sunday in Fairbanks .. then on Monday South to Nenana .. Healy and the Denali National Park .. Cantwell and South to the Veteran's Monument .. an overnight stay in Talkeetna on Monday night and into Anchorage late Tuesday after a nice stop in Wasilla to visit the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Headquarters and Museum .. and lunch in Palmer Alaska ..

THEN from Anchorage on Wednesday we drove South down to Alaska's Kenai Peninsula for a visit to Homer with an overnight stay in Homer .. then to Seward on Thursday with an overnight stay there .. yesterday we drove home to Anchorage with a phenomenal meal in Girdwood at the world famous Double Musky Restaurant .. again .. pick a number .. over six hundred (600) miles of driving ..

En route going South and returning North we enjoyed several visits with 'Gullible' my web master for this site and one of Patti's very best friends .. I could 'write a book' about 'Gullible's Web Site' .. IT IS A BOOK .. .. CHECK IT OUT ..

Later today .. Saturday the 15th of Sepember .. I will head North for Manley Hot Springs .. sleeping en route this evening in my truck .. spending some time in Fairbanks tomorrow the 16th and arriving into Manley Hot Springs on Monday the 17th .. ALL GOD WILLING .. the weather is pre-winter .. there is 'termination dust' on all of the mountain peaks .. we are having rain and some fog .. and .. need I remind any of you that .. THIS IS NOT MICHIGAN .. THIS IS ALASKA .. thank you Jon Krakauer .. author of 'Into The Wild' .. for that line ..

OH YES ! .. I sure am 'rusty' as to my writing here .. but this is a start .. next Friday the 21st my 'Pard Greg' from Seattle .. who I met in New Delhi some long years ago on the 27th of December of 1990 ..along with Patti .. will fly into Fairbanks .. and OFF we will go for another 'whirlwind' tour around the NORTH ..

OK ! .. enough of this 'rap' .. over and out for now .. as always .. with MUCH LOVE .. Cap ..

OH 'GULLIBLE' .. what posted is NOT what I have on my writing .. I do NOT have the erratic and incorrect spacing that posted .. so sigh !