Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mosquito Haven

Now, I've been telling you for some time that Cap is in Mosquito Haven and cannot access the internet nor receive e-mail.   He, foolish man, gave me the password to this blog so I could relay that message to you.

However, through some high-tech gadgetry, formidable manipulation, and shrewd legerdemain, I, and only I, the one and only Gullible, have been able to obtain a few photographs of the spectacular scenery around Cap's chosen place of residence.

First, though, I would like to show you a photo I took a few years ago of Manley Roadhouse.   It was taken in March, when the roadhouse is closed for the season, Alaska being what it is in the winter, and all.

Through all of the machinations mentioned above, I was able to get from Cap this current photo of the roadhouse now that it's open: 

Ah, well.  Seems there are a few mosquitoes in the way, but you can sort of make out the Roadhouse, can't you?   Sure.  See the windows on either side of the door?  Hmmm...I guess you have to be there.

Well, let's try his next photo.  He says this was taken through his living room window when a cow moose and three calves visited his yard and relaxed amongst all the wildflowers.

Oh, dear.  Looks like the focal length on his camera was set too short and all we can see are mosquitoes in front of a blur.  Can you make out any moose in the picture?

Okay, third and last photo.  This was taken out Cap's front door:

So.  Well, that didn't turn out quite like Cap expected.  I reckon he'll have to re-post these photos if he ever gets an internet connection again.


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