Saturday, 29 December 2012


Committee-inside-my-head will you ever JUST SHUT UP!  You are screeching at me inside-my-head .. “Who on this green earth even cares!” 

Sigh!  I have to assume that IF you are reading and if you are following along here some (one only?) of you may and do care ..

Well .. I THINK THAT MAYBE .. but I am not close to being 100% positive .. that I AM GOING TO RETURN TO INDIA !

In the past I have had strong and extremely clear signals as to this decision .. my last trip was started by a STRONG FEELING OF .. DO IT NOW !

Father Abello in Calcutta .. Jesuit Priest that he is .. ALWAYS stresses the word and the concept of ‘discernment’ .

So I sit trying to ‘discern’ whether the following story amounts to a ‘call to return to India’ ..

‘Zilla I think maybe .. after your incident earlier this year tripping over your suitcase leaving your hotel room .. you may relate ..

 OK .. does this story amount to a ‘calling’ ?  You decide.

A special friend of a friend .. and I do not even know her name or her age but I am pretty sure she was not a ‘spring chicken’ .. returned home from someplace just within the past week-or-two .. parked her auto in her garage .. and tripped and fell ..

She was hurt so badly from this fall in her garage  that due to pain and physical damage to her shoulder she could not get up and get into her home .. instead she gathered some stuff together to keep her warm and leaned up against her garage wall .. I can only imagine the mental situation she must have been in!

Luckily within several hours .. someone came looking for her and found her .. got her to a local emergency room where she under went surgery.


This poor lady .. who had just been coming home from somewhere .. you know .. just doing-her-life .. passed away.  She died! As in dead! .. shortly thereafter!

She acquired a ‘hospital based staph infection’ which she did-not-have prior to falling and going to the 'ER' and that-was-that!  Her life-show ended!

Gee ‘Zilla you-lucked-out!  You at least are still alive-and-kicking!

So how-on-earth is this story ‘a call to return to India’?

It is NOT ‘Per Se’ a call to DO anything ..

EXCEPT to ponder how thin the thread of life is that I am hanging onto at age 76 years  .. by-the-way all living beings are hanging onto or suspended by their own individual thin-threads-of-life!

As if my recent adventure with Benign Positional Vertigo last 12/12/12 was not enough of a 'wake-up-call'!

Patti was out day-before-yesterday and now is recovering from an automobile accident that she was involved in!  She was not hurt as severely as the lady in the above story was .. but she is stiff-sore-and-aching and did not want nor need the grief of having her car ‘totaled’!

Luckily for Patti her-new-life-acquaintance has auto insurance (this alone is a blessing!) with the same automobile insurance company and that driver also was not injured to the point of requiring emergency room care.

Considering all of the above .. I have formally reserved a room at the Kowloon YMCA in Hong Kong, China, arriving January 29th departing February 2nd.

Now I will explore ‘getting-there’ .. making the requisite airline reservations etc but the proverbial ball-is-rolling!

WILL IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN?  Let’s all of us stay-tuned!  With my personal history odds-are-it-will-happen .. UNLESS (and you and I can fill-in-the-blank line about what could happen to stop me!  .. like get up from here and in going to the kitchen trip-and-fall and? ..)

On a much-more-positive note!
Was it Admiral Halsey who said .. "Damn the torpedoes!"

Last night the Detroit Pistons professional basketball team beat the defending Champion Miami Heat 109 – 99 out at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan, and I was there in attendance with a friend of many years rooting like crazy!  I can and I am just-doing-it!  Just doing-life!

Patti will  get another auto that is easier for her to get into and get out of!

Trucker Tom 48067 and I are going to have breakfast uptown at Niki’s Restaurant in about-an-hour!
The final weekend of the NFL season is tomorrow with some great games to watch .. and the PLAYOFFS begin week after this!

IF something negative does happen to me .. I pray that I will take-it-with-a-smile KNOWING HOW RICHLY I HAVE BEEN BLESSED IN THIS LIFETIME!

For now .. over-and-out from  Bobba Caps and ALL of the Bobbsey!

“What’s that committee-in-my-head?” .. “You are correct!  I am on-a-roll and having fun!”  


  1. "Life's journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'Holy Shit!' What a ride!"

  2. Oh My You Are TOO Much! .. You make me and all of your followers just smile and 'glow all over' with Joy ..