Tuesday, 24 July 2012

JUL 24, 12 .. All just for naught BY Gullible ..

Cap went to Manley
With cameras galore,
And then he drove north
The land to explore.

He took lots of photos
That he planned to upload,
And so excited was he,
He thought he’d explode.

He loaded up all
He thought he would need,
His laptop and cameras
And a gallon of DEET.

One hundred per cent
It said on the can,
Of DEET, that is,
According to plan.

He also took coils
To burn where he sat,
And Buhach and Ben’s
And a skeeter net hat.


Alas and alack,
It was all just for naught,
He couldn’t log on
To the blog that he sought.


Simultaneously shooting
A spray meant for bear,
He tried and he tried
(but no signal was there).

Mosquitoes so thick
Like a Biblical plague,
So persistent they’d drive
A sane man to rage.

So he left me a message
And his password he gave,
But he never suspected
All the mischief I’d make.

Friday, 20 July 2012

JUL 20, 12 .. While he is away.... BY Gullible ..

There once was a fellow named Cap
Who was like the proverbial cat.
     While he was away,
     The mice they did play,
And Cap's blog they chose to attack.

If the super-sized mosquitoes in Manley Hot Springs haven't carried him off, Cap is still there and still can't access the internet.

I wonder if he turned off his Wi-Fi?   Wait.  I take that back.  Once he's back in touch, I can't play with his blog.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

JUL 17, 12 .. Mosquito Haven BY Gullible ..

Now, I've been telling you for some time that Cap is in Mosquito Haven and cannot access the internet nor receive e-mail.   He, foolish man, gave me the password to this blog so I could relay that message to you.

However, through some high-tech gadgetry, formidable manipulation, and shrewd legerdemain, I, and only I, the one and only Gullible, have been able to obtain a few photographs of the spectacular scenery around Cap's chosen place of residence.

First, though, I would like to show you a photo I took a few years ago of Manley Roadhouse.   It was taken in March, when the roadhouse is closed for the season, Alaska being what it is in the winter, and all.

Through all of the machinations mentioned above, I was able to get from Cap this current photo of the roadhouse now that it's open: 

Ah, well.  Seems there are a few mosquitoes in the way, but you can sort of make out the Roadhouse, can't you?   Sure.  See the windows on either side of the door?  Hmmm...I guess you have to be there.

Well, let's try his next photo.  He says this was taken through his living room window when a cow moose and three calves visited his yard and relaxed amongst all the wildflowers.

Oh, dear.  Looks like the focal length on his camera was set too short and all we can see are mosquitoes in front of a blur.  Can you make out any moose in the picture?

Okay, third and last photo.  This was taken out Cap's front door:

So.  Well, that didn't turn out quite like Cap expected.  I reckon he'll have to re-post these photos if he ever gets an internet connection again.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

JUL 15, 12 .. More excuses BY Gullible ..

There once was a fellow named Cap
Who lived in a place off the map.
     Though he knew where he was
     He was silent because
He was caught in an Internet gap.

This be Gullible again, messing with Cap's blog because he is so totally cut off from the real world up there in Mosquito Haven.  That's not the name of a retirement home, by the way.  That's where all the  mosquitoes go for family reunions.

Friday, 13 July 2012

JUL 13, 12 .. Oh, what a foolish Capster you are BY Gullible ..

Hey, y'all,

It's Cap's former friend Gullible here.  Oh, dahlings, I am having ever so much fun posting notices here on the Cap's blog.

Seriously, dahlings, do you know what's better than having the password to someone else's blog?

That would be having the rightful proprietor of that blog stuck up in Manley Mosquito Springs  where he has no contact with the outside world and can't see what I'm doing to his blog.  He'll have to return to civilization before he can delete all this fun I'm having.

Foolish man gave me his password, asked me to post a simple message letting you know he doesn't have Internet service and can't get e-mails and hasn't forgotten about you.  In other words, he is so totally incommunicado!!!  Well, simple messages like the one he wanted me to post are so boooooooring!

After all, blogs are meant to entertain, aren't they?  So what could be wrong with putting a bit o' verve into his message?    Like, how many times would you come to this blog if all you saw every time was "Cap is in Manley and has no internet service, nor can he receive e-mail."


See what I mean?

Right now, I have no idea when Cap will be back in touch and able to post photos and so on here.  I rather feel like it's my responsibility to keep you up to date on that.   So, here's another photo.

Know what this is?  No, it isn't a 1956 Chevy Bel Air.   Or a 1957 either.  It's a Checker.  That's Checker as in New Yawk City Checker cabs.  Cool huh?

Oh, you want more pix?   Let me take a look.

Now this beauty is a 1942 Ford fire truck.  Retired in favor of a truck with a 12 volt system.

And this?   This beauty is a Lion's Mane jellyfish.  Just too totally much, wouldn't you say?

Well, dahlings, my time is drawing nigh.  The Capster might change his password any time and cut me off from his blog.   HAH!  He has to return to civilation to do that!

Be sure to leave Cap a note telling him you were here.  You do that down there where it says "Comments,"  even if it says "No Comments."

This is Gullible signing off.  Over and out.  Roger.   10-4.  Click, click.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

JUL 12, 12 .. Gullible here .. BY Gullible ..

This is Cap's friend Gullible speaking writing.  Cap left me a phone message a few days ago, requesting that I go on his blog and explain why he hasn't posted anything lately.  I've been trying to remember the password to access this site and bring you his message.  That took several days, then I finally came across where I'd written it down many, many months ago.  Unlike Cap, who just loses Bobbsies, I lose scraps of paper with incredible and annoying frequency.

So much time has passed since his initial request, by now I really can't remember the specific wording he wanted me to use, so I'll make up something.

Cap has been sucked into the black hole of Manley Hot Springs, where neither blog nor e-mail connections are known to exist.  In fact, it has been said that in Manley, "Internet" refers to having caught a salmon "in ter net."

Well, as I said, those weren't his exact words, but you get the idea.  No one knows when his personal technology crisis will abate.  Just keep checking in here.  Leave a message of condolences and/or  well-wishes.

Someday, someone, somewhere might turn on their Wi-Fi when Cap's in the vicinity and he can thereupon hitch a ride to the stars Internet.


Gullible relaying Cap's message.  Sorta.  (hee-hee)

 Really, he must be more careful about giving out his password, wouldn't you think?